last frost?

good news bad news seems to be the order of everything at this time of year, with spring giving with one hand and taking with the other

the early blossom on the apricots always makes you feel good, that the corner out of winter has been turned, that everything wants to follow its vigorous path

taken on 3 march, much of this first flush of flower has been checked back by a hard last (i hope) frost

this is doubly bad, in that hugh fearnley whittingstall has bet me that i cant produce 5 kilos of exotic fruit by the end of the season....advantage hfw

not only but also

fantastic, pointing skywards and looking like a dead mans finger (as t'wife so nicely put it) the asparagus is getting off to an early lively start...but then so are the little nibblers

public pomona

it costs the same to manage fruit trees, nut trees and blackberries as it does for ornamental plants, so why dont local authorities plant more of them rather than the usual boring inedibles??

about time too

at long last i've added some new images showing some of whats been happening over winter

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